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Waking up,now that September has ended

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31st December

Party.Party.Party. Cheers to the year gone by and more cheers to the year coming in to get hold of your senses,making you a year older and probably wiser. 

Atleast one milli-second, in the past year, You must have been waiting for 1st January to dawn upon so that you could start up with something new,something that you really wanted. Something that was wrapped up with a silly excuse of "I will start it from the 1st of January".

Those initial two weeks of January are always great - Nice winter,New dreams,New Resolutions and you trying to follow those each and every day.Taking steps towards that long,cherished goal.

The roadmap of the new year in front of you - the milestones marked with a different color and a deep,blissful smile when you tick mark in front of those listed goals and wishes 

And as days go by, you know its difficult for you to match up with your hard-work and your wish-list and as the months go by you are lost in the midst of your goals and desires.
You have lagged behind just because of you. You come up with a plethora of excuses that make you feel empty from the within. And a turmoil of anger gushing inside you,waiting to burst out as you cannot blame anybody,but yourself. 

By the time, September is ended - You realize you have just three more months for that next party, for the next resolutions and for your next wish list.

1st October-6:00 AM 

Damn, she thought.She took a glance at the mobile and checked the date again - It was indeed 1st October.
This year not a thing done. Running after relationships, running after applying jobs, running after home,running after the social visits,running after appraisals - Not a thing that had satisfied her, that has brought peace to her soul. 

Nothing that made a difference this year than what she was last year
It wasn't that she din't have a list, it wasn't that she din't know what to do - she had everything on the wish-list, on top of her mind.

And there were huge monsters in her that always won - The procrastination monster, the lazyness syndrome, the paralysis-analysis situation she always was in, The "I-will-start-from-monday" excuse or "I-will-do-it-on-the-weekend" lines. 

She used to think a lot, a lot that often made her paralytic. Her senses went numb and her heart beat profusely when she got confused. And when the thoughts of not achieving anything in life came in front of her - when she used to look into the mirror and not feel good about herself - that was the worst moment of her life. Because she was empty - without a name, without any fame.

Why did she wait so long ? Why wasn't she an action-maker - Why couldn't she make dreams achievable ?

It was a fact. Her dreams were simple and achievable - all she had to take the first step - Just wake up, to reach out to them.

Every morning from January to September, she just had the same cyclic thoughts - When do I get a new job ? When do I settle down with the man of my life? When do I add something up to my education ? When do I become more healthy ? When do I write something even better than yesterday ? 

                                   When do I quit living a life that is not worth me?

There was one more question still haunting her in the corner of her heart - Can I ever stop loving him?
She knew the answer - Never. She was random - and her random thoughts always had him somewhere.

She brushed aside all the thoughts and looked out of the window - She always wanted that she would have a room from where she can see the sun-rise - that gave her every positive atom she needed in her. 

                     She looked out and smiled - Waking up,Now that September has ended.                              
                     She knew she worked more fiercely when she was in a deadline.

Now was the time to pull up her socks and roll-up her sleeves,to re-arrange her priorities and to just kick herself. 

And now she had a deadline - 31st December 2012 - to figure out what 2013 would be like.
                    She knew that 2013 will never be the same as what 2012 went. 

She is more stronger and more lovable that what she was in all these months.More Matured and more wiser.More beautiful and a lot more cuter. 
These were the things she had achieved all these months - she still was breathing and she still could look at the sunshine outside - She realized the world had not ended and she still had her chance to prove herself and achieve what she really wanted.

Her heart gave the best possible words - "Give out a kick to yourself and wake up, you have 3 more months to complete those unfinished moments which you have dreamt all these months."

Grab it out and Just do it - stop those cyclic thoughts in your stupid mind and get going - the worst is over and the best is yet to come.

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