Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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                 Love does not need to be showered *Conditions applied*
                           (Please read the terms and conditions before falling in love)

"Aww..Dude, you have had a lot of girl-friends and therefore you know what to gift me all the time :D" 
Her reflexes spoke up as soon as they got indulged into the conversation of buying gifts for each other.
She avoided buying gifts totally. And gifts for him were never pleasant experiences.
It was not that She din't love him, and it was not that She din't want to spend on him - It was just the plain nature of her - thinking about:buying a gift for someone else - It gave her a creepy feeling - just like some sort of a night-mare - just like ordering something for someone in a restaurant - "How the hell do I know what you like to eat?  and so what if we have been going out almost everyday - I still cannot order anything for you and I am programmed that way."
My programming does not allow me to to choose a gift :-(But all her pleads went to deaf ears.
Oh, Come on - all these years she had never bought anything for anyone not even her dearest sister - with whom she had lived for 27 years and now all of a sudden the man of her life came and told her - "We have to and we should buy gifts for each other." 

The mere thought of buying a gift for HIM, "oh my god, HIM "- the most finicky character on earth (God knows, how he choose her :P) , the guy who is so,so picky and She "bechaari"- She who would be happy even if he just sends her a rose(everyday:P)  
Unlike him - he needs perfection, he needs class, he needs brands, he needs longetivity of the gift and he needs every possible adjective in the gift.

She always seemed she was a winner in almost all the things she did - and here came the biggest blow - Fortunately - "They", yes, "They" were completing a real one year of seeing each other - silently, They both were actually laughing about it -(He - the hot and happening dude of the town - spending one whole year with the not-so-happening gal, a silent killer and actually a gal who could be a real pain - u know where :D)
And she, a confused soul on earth - who could not even decide what to wear - had spend an year with a guy who wasn't even real near to what she had expected her man to be :) and yet here they were still together - going to cheer to themselves about the whole year.

Opposites really attract - it seemed so.Hence Proved.

She was happy and so was he. But the little,little fine lines on her forehead made it clear to him. That-"You-cannot-do-it" face was readable.
He knew what her next statement would be and she immediately popped up that statement with her nice,cute,innocent face - "Come on, lets go shopping, you buy for yourself and I will buy what I like - simple and easy. Not a bit of complication except that there will be no surprise elements, ofcourse."
And he totally hated this idea - the lack of surprise element.

Allright, so now all her efforts were going futile of cajoling him to buy gifts for oneself and so she decided - "Come on,gal, its just a gift - what if he doesn't like - that's fine - he wont break up just because he din't like your gift" - the mind arguing inside - "He never liked any of my gifts remember what u gave him last time!!!"

So the big day was on monday and she knew she had the whole saturday and a whole sunday to go out and shop for him. 

Saturday morning - "Ohkay,I would just go to the mall and pick up the best watch out there - In all conditions he is gonna love it"
Saturday afternoon - "Its just too hot - I am not going anywhere in this sun - plus I need to look my best on Monday" :D
Saturday evening - "Oh god,I din't go anywhere no worries I still have tomorrow."

Sunday morning - "Sending him a text - Are gifts really compulsory ?"
And out comes the reply "No baby, that's fine, you don't need to do anything for us,I will do it,as always".
All the words were correct except the last two "As always" - Haha,Actually it was the right sarcastic message for her - because she never could buy anything nor could arrange surprises. The last two words were heart-peircing, as though someone just played dart on her heart.
She started messaging her friends - "What are the best things to buy?" and out came the stupid replies - watches, shirts, ties, even socks,cuff-links and everytime she used to see these messages - she used to think
                                  "Ain't Unique, as he is"

Sunday afternoon - She just left the idea of gifting anything and her mood went sour thinking what would happen tomorrow. 
Sunday evening till sunday Night - she ignored her mind completely.
This time she did not even write him a poem just the way she did it every month on this date.
Guilt,frustation,confusion and a fear of upsetting him - all the thoughts just barged in her at the same time.
She consoled herself and her heart that she would go out on Monday afternoon as they were going to meet in the evening. 

Laziness had surpassed all the limits of whatever love she had for him :D

Monday afternoon, she knew her another weakness - she could never shop alone and she put all her blame on her besty - "Just because you were on leave all this week, I have not been able to buy anything for him.

Her best friend was all smiles - she knew this had happened earlier too - and she tagged along. 

As they stepped the office building, she found a chocolate shop - she knew he loved chocloates to the core - there she went and found out bars written "Happy anniversary" - nothing interesting these are looking so stupid and they dont even customize it!!!

They left the shop and decided to just reach the mall - 42 degrees - blazing sun and damn this tension of the gift plus the 2- wheeler
            Ufff...love makes u do everything that u never want to.

First destination - Shop X - best watch they liked - 10K,omg 10K and what the heck if he does not like, next sunglasses - No,I dont know what sort of glasses he has already got - "Hero banke ghumna uski aadat hai" - so he must, he already,actually has a tons of them.

Shirts - Never - after the last experience of what she got him from mumbai!!!

She stood there. helpless as if lost - "I just don't love him enough to gift him something nice ?"
They left and went to Shop Y - same situation !!!
It wasn't she could not shell 10k.She just din't want - for the thought that - whatever he buys for her should be equivalent or more than what she buys for him - Too much Analysis. Her Usual: Paralysis-Analysis Mode.

She stood there. and closed her eyes - She could see him smiling,happy,free from negativities or tensions - and "Eureka!!!!" - she told her friend "let's go" and they hopped - the shop was about 20 mins drive from the mall. She din't reply to the numerous questions her besty was asking her and smiled to herself.

As they entered the shop, after carefully putting their sandals outside, they could sense the positiveness and the smell of the incense sticks!
Her Friend - what the heck are you going to buy from here ?

She told the person - "Uncle, can you show me some Rudraksh Mala!!!"
Her friend was stunned and so was she - Modern, yet traditional was her way.

Let that rudraksh be attached to his neck in such a way, that he can think about her everytime he touched it, that this rudraksh would make him more stable in life, will ward off negativities from him, will show him directions in life and will improve his health as well. She always wanted that nothing, nothing should make him feel sad, nothing should make him feel low and nothing should make him lose that smile. She was here, making her best attempt to create a circle of positive aura around and within him.
Never-the-less, that monday evening was the best - Dressed in red, she walked upto him with her high-heels, crossed her fingers and asked him to bow down - He din't mind and there it went - perfectly right around his neck - A real rudraksh mala with saat-mukhi rudraksh around it.

That was her check-mate. She won his smile forever everytime he felt it around his neck - he knew she was the best :-)

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*A gift turns into a treasure when the thought behind it gets really counted*

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  1. o cool,
    wish i could also know what she got on that big anniversary day.

  2. She got a series of surprises as always,but that would need a different story alltogether :)

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