Sunday, October 28, 2012

Conquered Monster


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"Jump, come on - You have a life jacket with you and you just wont be killed" - That was his millionth attempt 
"No, I just can't"  And that was her way of letting fear win.

"Come on gal, no one knows swimming and still they are alive right over there, Its going to be the best feeling in the world"

She stepped ahead one more time and looked down. Trying hard to fight with that evil-monster named "Fear", She did not do it. 
It was just a 20 ft cliff jump with a life jacket on her and she could not do it. 

Reflecting back today - she thinks - It would have been the best feeling ever - The feeling when one conquers this monster Fear in them and achieves something so,so not-achievable for them. 

And One day I will do all the things that I never did. Some I never attempted due to the simple reason of Fear to Fail,Some which din't attract me due to the simple reason of not having an attractive reward attached to it and some which just din't give me that kick in me. 

Loads of dreams and loads of wishes tagged along with a fear - the fear to start something new, the fear to fail, the fear to leave something half-way. 

How many times I have thought myself to push to the Gym ? How many times have I thought myself to start doing the happiest exercise of dancing ? How many times have I thought to start that postponed MBA ? How many times have I thought to implement new processes at my work place to make it better?

It has been countless times when I have decided that I would stay happy and love what I do - It has been countless times when I have really made up my mind to start up something new and as I gear myself up to that new so-called venture of mine I am pushed back with this monster "Fear" in me. 

The best thing in life would be to conquer this monster - FEAR
The best thing is life is to live a life that has no boundaries. 
The best thing in life is to have the "Just-Do-it" attitude. 

One Life and we all just live it once - how easy is it to fulfill those small desires ? How easy is it to walk up to the nearby Gym and get yourself attracted to it ? How easy is it to rush to the dance class and hop on with your dancing shoes and have the time of your life ? How easy is it to talk to the senior management to make the processes simpler ? 

What would the worst thing happen - You might quit up gymming in 2 weeks ? You might not just get the steps right ? Your senior management may just not agree with you ?

Sunset never meant that sunrise won't ever happen again - You might just fall in love so much with your gym that you might not want to miss it a day - Dancing would be just next to breathing in your life - Essential for you to live - Your senior management might just be wanting you to speak it out.

The world is a beautiful place to live in with this one prized possession that everyone has - Life. Live it out loud.

There is not just one best thing in the world, I am dead sure there are millions. Even if you can conquer the thousand best things in the world - Your life might just be worth living.

And I tell it to myself again - Loud and clear :
Push yourself to fight with that monster Fear and win over it. 
Lose that fear and tell someone how much you loved them.
           Stop thinking of what people thought about you.
     Accept yourself as you are and stand up for what you really really believe.
           Make those small extra efforts for each other - the efforts to show  how much we need people around us - who knows they may not be the next moment with you. 
Forgive and forget the bad instances of life and create space for some real new adventures.
Live a life without any regrets.
Best things in life won't just walk upto you, you will have to fight.
Get up and fight - Fight to live - the way you always wanted, because you just live it once.

Conquer that monster that makes you timid every time you look into the mirror.
Let your reflection speak up for what you really are.

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