Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Poison - That element which can bring things to end. Happy things, Sad things.

It just comes up and creeps in your life in such an unnoticed way. By the time you realize it is poison, its too late.

Too late to Undo things - She always wondered - Is there an UNDO button somewhere or a fast forward button ?

A poisonous soul, a poisonous body, a poisonous mind - the worst - a heart dipped in poison - makes things awry in your life. A heart that gave nothing but betrayal, false hopes.

You wait so long for a thing to happen, so desperate with faith keep standing out there - for that moment would come - when eveything would be right - Just right - the way you wanted - making you filled up with bliss and there on the other side - on the background, the behind stage scene - You never knew - You were being effected - by those poisonous elements which would one day make you crumble to the ground that you can never stand back - the way that you would never be able to look into the mirror, in a way that trust would become extinct in your life.

She just wished she never had heard the facts - heard the fact - that he never loved her - that he loved someone else - that he was so cruel, so mean  - that she had stepped down a wrong station and was waiting on a wrong station for long. For years - more than that. As he made his way towards his happiness - his desires, his wishes - him him him all the time - she always thought it was an "US" and it took long to realize that it was HIM all the way.

Once more, she told herself - "It's not his fault, it is yours."
Yours once more - You let the poison inside you - the poison of stubborness, the poison of not letting go, the poison of waiting forever, the poison of not giving anybody else a chance, the POISON of LOVE - Love that was so much pure - which din't melt him - her own poison of trust that killed everything inside her.

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  1. ouchhhh..
    tell her love is no poison, she shall find it whre she expects least n find the love that shall last longer than her life.