Monday, November 26, 2012


And that is what friends are for...You wake them in the middle of the night - randomly talk stuff..gossip about any damn thing in the world..and just be yourself with those cuss words coming in between...those eyes speaking to each other when there is third person around..the way where you can just be yourself - no formalities, no thank you, no please - it's that "You just got to do it - you do not have a choice"...
Plans to go shopping,movies,cafes,search a dance class,those walks and in between the gossips of the whole world..some random dreams,thoughts, desires, some more future plans (which may never work out at all)
You can share everything but choclates :D
Then there are night-outs - some more teasing, some more fun..some more of pulling each other's legs...those moments that keep on accumulating into memories and as you look back and see - the best time of your life would have been with your friends.
There are those trips that you went to which are just so close to your heart not as much as your honeymoon would be :) 
That is what friends are for - you forget birthdays and then call up to remind each other - "Damn, today is my birthday - good you forgot about it - else I would have believed - you have changed" - You never in all these years exchange gifts - probably not even on weddings and still you know someone there is always there - standing for you whenever you need.
There are no expectations..there are fights, there are arguments which would not even last a day..and then the next second you behave as though nothing happened..You can indeed finish each other's sentences and go to places with each other till the end of the world....You have been together for all the crimes you ever did in your life and there are almost no secrets between.  
And so that is what your crime-partners are for-There are no sins with them.
         Heavenly feeling - when you can lend that shoulder in need.