Friday, January 30, 2015

#Second Chance

                 You will be my every chance - first, second and the millionth :)

As I see you from far-away, walking towards me, it feels as though the sun rose again at this time and splashed tons of brightness on my soul, when you smiled. 

Your name could show me shades of sunflowers and my eyes could shine every time you call me. 
Reflections of the lemon-tainted epilogues till late nights and dreams of watching sunrises together, still flows in me!

Every time, when I wait for you and see you walking towards me - my mind travels behind in time to think about those heart-ruins that ever happened to me! 

The wait, the wait to find a perfect match, the wait to find someone so special, the wait for the man whom I could shower all my love, which I kept bundled up in myself - for the man who could just share with me - his life and give me a share of his heart.

Those were the years when looking for a perfect match seemed a disaster and the times when she felt that God forgot to make someone for her.
Those years when each day seemed a struggle and each online matrimony request made you think - Is he the one ? 

Deep down, the heart knew - these are certainly not the people I am going to get married too. 

5 years of searching and 5 years of looking every nook and corner, she found him. 

It din't take long to know that this is the guy whom she will love so much! This is the guy who will patch the little slivers of her heart. The guy who build courage in her that love exists and that we can love with equal measures. That we can always love without reasons, and love will remain pure, divine and blissful.

They asked me what would I do if I had some second chances - and the little tinglings of my heart told me - I really wanted you to walk in my life a little early than you did. I wanted those goose-bumps to appear a little earlier than when they came, I wanted to hear those violins a little earlier than they rung. 

I really wanted to try looking up for you in my early years of "match-finding" so that I could have spent more dramatic,crazy moments more often with you! So that I could fall in love with you more often! So that I could unplug myself unto you!

My life could be a mixture of different colors with you - a palette of colorful colors, cause I don't like black and nor white and grey the least. 

My life would have strokes of rainbows and each would design itself as a memory.

I wish for a second chance to change the blank canvas of my life. I wish for strokes of love ready to be thrown on this very white canvas and build a master-piece with you!

I wish life could give me a second chance to : Dance with you on every tune!

I want to spend my past years dancing with you, holding your hand and making a nice swirl, bringing in a twist in the belly, turning on the fire within us and crashing into each other like those sea-waves! 
I wish to rip the currents of passion between us and then coast on your smile, stay still and hear those whispers. 

I wish life could give me a second chance to : take study classes together!
I want to walk with you towards university classes and sit next to you, listen to what the professor says - ignore and look at you, look at the way you would try concentrating on classes, I wish to give test exams with you and sit and study until midnight! 

I wish life could always give me a chance to write! Tune up my gray cells in such a way that I could pen down my language of heart in the form of words for you! Yes, I haven't been writing a lot but I do want to put out in black n white or in colors - those little thumps of my heart that wait to be out on print!
Every second chance that life gives - I want to spend it with you!  Unlike all, I do not have a bucket list of things I did want to do - but I have a list that has a common thing and it is "You" 

I want to travel, I want jump, I want to dance, I want to sing, I want to walk, I want to run, I may want to fly - but I want to do only if it's you.

I want to be with you every minute as life never has a #secondchance and if it does I want you and also cause you made me wait a little bit longer for love :)

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Friday, January 23, 2015


13th Birthday. She was excited. 
She was going to be in her "teens". Use those slang words more often, start to say "kewwwwllll" and not to forget meet "Dudes". She could envisage a whole new teenage life of bliss, independence, fun and parties.

She had waited since long to reach her "teens" - that's what everyone used to say - "Wait till you are a teenager" and it was less than 24 hours when she would be reaching there. 

She could not concentrate on the class. She was excited what it would be tonight. 

Will her friends throw in some midnight party ? Would her mom allow it ? Come on, I am a teen now - I will be allowed some more freedom - mixed thoughts and mused ramblings.

In the midst of all those thoughts, she felt her cheeks twitch. She was too excited to notice and ignored it.

She looked at her crush. She thought - wow, he is cute. Will he come tonight ? 

The clock struck midnight. Her phone started ringing and she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

As she walked towards her door,she noticed herself in the mirror, and it was unbelievable to what she was seeing!!!! 

For the first time in her life, her skin was red, there were small rashes across her once-flawless cheeks - she moved a bit closer and she could see small,red pimples on her cheeks. 

Her eyes could not believe it because not once in her life did she ever see that on her face and that too on her birthday!! 

She came back to her senses to realize that somebody was on the door. With tears in her eyes and trying to hide her face, she opened the door. 

It was her mom - she could see her tears and also the small pimples on her cheeks. 

She wished her a very happy birthday and handed her a packet. 

With tears in her eyes and losing all interest in the birthday, thinking what her friends would say and more importantly, would her crush ever look at her again - she opened the packet.

She was amazed when she saw a soothing Garnier Active Neem Face Wash

Her mom smiled and said - this is what will help you through your "Teens"
Go, try it. 

She was reluctant at first but as she read  that  It contains real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts which could fight germs,fight pollution and remove oil,she got excited about it and tried it out. 

Next morning, as she woke up and looked at herself in the mirror - she could see there was a significant change in her face. The redness had lessened and she was sure she could rock her birthday. 

                             Did you Garnier Pure Active yet ?

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We are an "AND"


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                   An epitome of infinite love,care and strength
The birth-giver - To my body and to my soul and to all that is inside me. 

This is the story of my "And"  - She does not have a one-dimensional label because no amount of dimensions could envisage her power in this boundless world. 

Her power amplifies day by day - the power of giving, the power of loving and the power of caring.

                  Choices and Sacrifices. You first and me later! 

            Any point of the time - day and night - there was no OR. 

She is the lady with infinite AND's - She is my teacher AND my doctor AND my guide AND my philosopher AND my Feng-Shui expert AND my cooking class teacher and my best friend and this and that and, and, and..the list could go on - to what she is in our lives. 

Her touch could heal you in seconds and her voice could enlighten you every single time. 

The lady who taught me my first ABC and the lady whose warmth is never less,irrespective whether the sun would shine or not - her soul shined in front of us always. On cloudy,gloomy days - there she is - ready to charge us up with her own sun-shine. 

She is the lady who could take all my sufferings be it broken bones and broken hearts. 
The lady who has a solution to every single,every single thing in the world, in our life. 
The lady whom I can call and ask what do I do now - no matter what the time is!

       The lady who is our pillar and a base to US - My Mom and my best friend ever  

      The lady who instilled in us that nothing in this world is ever impossible.

The lady who taught me how to deal with the riots of heart , how to tame my angry,wild and raw self. 
The lady who taught me I could do anything in this world. 

That I could be a Project manager and a great wife at one point of time and that I could rule the world and that I could be ruled by my husband's heart. 

The lady from whom I learnt how to say yes and no. The lady who taught me that one dollar saved could add up to the one million some day. The lady who taught that it's ok to cry and that it's ok to laugh.

And the lady who is so inspiring that if anybody would have asked me today what I did want to be - I would always say - I want to be her. 
That I want her strength and her ability and that I want to love like her and have a humor like her. 

At one moment, the lady could tell you stop doing this and an another moment she is the one kick-starting the fire in you.

The lady who taught me never to give up even if you did fall a thousand times.

The lady who has the ability to manage three children, who are at the three different countries and the lady who has the ability to be her husband's wife and her father's daughter at the same time. 

This journey would never end cause parts of her has what has built us and parts of us will build the next generation. 

The lady who could be magical and mystic at the same and who could pray for you day and night without forgetting a single problem of yours. 

She is the lady who could learn technology at an age nobody would want to learn anything. She is the one who could go out and take any course in the United states and she is the one who could do double shifts, chat with her three children and their other-halfs, she is the one who could cook thrice a day, go out grocery shopping,buy things for each of us and give us random advices every single day. 

The one and only inspiration that we all have, that forces us to believe that we cannot be labelled with just one title and that we are a sum of everything that the universe holds. 

She is the one who would make you think - if mom can do,I can do it too. She is the one who taught us how to be patient and how to be aggressive when needed. 

She is the one who can hold the sadness ocean within herself to protect us from the waves of sorrow and the depths of darkness.

The lady who told me that I could be beautiful and enchanting.
 That I could be charming and creative.
That I could hold into myself anything that I would want to be.

 That I am water and can take any form I wish to be in, that today I could join the ocean and not be afraid of the vastness and that tomorrow I could freeze myself and stay put in one place. 

She is the one who told me how awesome it is to be a girl and how awesome it is to become a woman, a wife and then a mother. 

She is the one who passed on to me that I can be a little girl and that I can mature when the time tells me to and that I can play and that I can work. 

She is my inspiration who tells me that I can sleep late and yet wake up early in the morning. She is the one who tells me its OK to be fat and that its OK to be thin. 

She is the one who tells me that its OK to be what I am - she is the one who tells me that I am unique and I could add anything to this world with my uniqueness. 

She is the one who tells me its OK to be selfish and that its OK to think about yourself for a while and she is the one who for one second of her life has never been selfish and who has always put us in the front line to complete our desires and our aspirations. 

She is the one who can look young and carry a glow cause she is a proud mother who knows that she has three awesome parts of her in the world who could contribute their parts in making this world a better place to live, laugh and love. 

I wish to never end this, but she is the one who also tells me to keep my Gillette everywhere so that I could have  more sexier,shinier legs and that if a woman feels good today, she could change anybody's world. 

And that there are no finite amount of things that I could do - the world is infinite and there are possibilities and that I can never be labelled ever.

And this is my story of being an infinite "And" and to ask someone "And?" when they tell me I am caring :)

"And" They tell me I am her shadow.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Words might betray. Gestures might be wrong. The spark in your eyes may fade. But, the hand that can hold our hand, under all seasons, is the one we all look for.

Four Years and counting. Met through a matrimony site but never felt that way. Love struck Rhea and Nikhil, played their chords so romantically, that knotted them forever in this beautiful journey.

Dipped in oceans of love, flying with the stars, singing and dancing, Swirling and Twirling to each other's tunes -Both of them din’t know the real meaning of love until they met.

Until, they both touched each other. Touch – A simple touch that touched their souls.

And everybody said, this is all in the start of the journey – Let time pass!

Days and nights unfolded themselves in each other’s arms – they could talk even if they were silent. It was like as though,they had seized the secret recipe of TOUCH.

Couples around them grew old in love, they changed, but they were still fresh in love!
Their friends could witness the passion of closed eyes and mixed emotions, each moment was a new slice of life, untangled emotions, the silent whisperings and mushy smiles, those soft feelings, that soft touch – What on earth was there between the two – which made them fall for each other every single time they took their breath?

Everybody wanted to know – the magic, the mystical passion between them!

They loved to party and on one such occasion at their place, Anjali, Rhea's friend, found a curvy purple colored bottle – She took it in her hands.                                                  
                             Parachute advansed body lotion. 

She was lost in thoughts, reading about the richness of the goodness of coconut and 100% natural 
moisturisers that could give you soft, smooth & nourished body skin in just 7 days!!!
She opened it, checking around, if nobody was checking on her :P. 
The mesmerizing smell brought Rhea towards her. Anjali was dumb-founded.
Rhea told her to relax and said “ This is our magic potion of TOUCH. You don’t have to bring back the touch, if you do not let it go”. 

The only way to keep passion is not wait to rekindle the spark, but to keep lighting the spark, daily and this is how we #BringBackTheTouch.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

c'est la vie

She put on her walking shoes and got lost amidst nature.
She was rushing to reach to work on time.

Their eyes met. They smiled and wished good morning. 

"Wish I go to work soon"
"Wish I get time to enjoy nature and relish life"

Such is life.

She looked on the other side of pavement,the grass seemed greener. 
She walked a few steps and reached there, turned her eyes towards her house. The grass near her home seemed more greener. 

And they both knew Life is beautiful :)  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Relish It.

Temperatures decided to drop. Summer wanted to end itself..Autumn was on its way..but the cold wanted to squeeze itself between them. 

I could dream something new today but I chose to relish my fulfilled dreams instead. I could listen to my mind..but I chose the heart over it. 

Getting up a bit early instead I chose to sleep in some more...
My mind did tell me to have that green tea but I chose to have an another cup of black tea with that extra mint and extra sugar..
My will power told me to get on the yoga mat but I chose to curl up with you and feel the warmth that I longed for so long..feel the fluttering of your eye lashes on my back..
Time told me to take a quick shower but I chose to fall into a long bubble bath and smell the candles that are hard to smell..I wished to let us make an effort to pull in deep, breathe multiple times to decide whether they smell or not..

I wish to lie in there and think who would make tea again..I wish to walk out of the room and make it, only to not overcome my sluggy-ness..the guilt doesn't win and I get that extra cup today from you..

I wish to let loose of the future and feel the times which I wanted to live for so long..

I wish to stand outside your winter closet and tell you wear whatever you want but yet pick out one for you..I wish to discuss whether it shrinked yesterday though you are late for work..
I wish to stand on your feet and hear your heartbeats..feel your warmth against me..
I wish to not wave you goodbye till the garage door and curl up inside again..I wish to just live today without the guilt of not dreaming again.

I wish to know for how long should we relish what we wanted really bad before trying to engulf ourselves into new desires ? 

How long should I be what I am with you - till the twinkle in my eyes last, till the heart whispers your name, till it is beyond forever ?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Closet Treasures

She left office at 8. As she stepped out, a cool breeze swept her face. 

She didn't feel like going home.She thought, she would go out for some retail therapy. It was quite long(around 2 weeks:P) that she had not got anything new. 

As she reached the shopping mall, she could see a huge poster of a leading actress wearing sexy office clothes - A black polka dots shirt teamed up with a black pencil skirt and high heels. 
She instantly loved it. She could imagine herself out there on the poster.

She walked into the mall, thinking it would be easy to find one. She spent around 2 hours until it was time to close but could not find anything. She purchased a small pendant and left for the night.Her thought process compelled her to atleast buy something or the other(though un-important) 

It was 6 AM, time to go for a walk. Her schedule was too perfect to include anything else inside. As she put on her active wear, images of the black polka dot flashed right on her face. She was like, is it ? Do I love it so much ? Her mind was stuck. 

She quickly took the steps and went on for her morning walk. As she walked by, she could still think about the same attire. Her mind was definitely not in admiring nature at that hour.

What if she got the exact piece ? Would her best friend be jealous ? Would everyone in the office love it ? Would that be appropriate to wear in a place like Ahmedabad ?

                       Devils in disguise of countless thoughts crowded her.

It was time to get back home and jump-start herself towards her work-place.She thought she did leave office early and try to look in an another mall. 

She reached office and thought to look it up online. She could find everything but nothing that really clicked her mind. 

She tried to work and concentrate. She left early to an another mall. Nothing, at all. She dialled her best friend's number and cut it off. 

                 Why am I becoming such an obsessed creature after a top!!! 

It had been two weeks, that she had been visiting various malls but could not find anything at all.

Sunday morning! She was supposed to meet her friends over lunch. It was her usual nature to dress up perfectly with not a hair out of place.And she knew she did take time to decide and dress up. 

                  Today it was only the polka dots that were dotted on her mind.

She walked towards her closet and wanted to just dress up casually. 
As she looked around, she found too much stuff. She thought, time to clean it up a bit and no more shopping ( Her heart just winked slyly) 

She thought she did just cancel going out and spend time in there. She called up and said no. A lil bit of drama but she knew she did convince her friends. 

She started pulling out her treasures one by one. She remembered how her dad counted her t-shirts while she was in college. She was obsessed. Too much obsessed with clothes. Nothing in the world could excite her than the mere name of shopping. And at one point she did love every piece of thread in her closet.

She looked at all her t-shirts, tops, dresses and what not. As she sat between piles of different fibers and colors, she could see a black and white thing which she had not seen for years. What is that ? 

Ecstatic moment!!! It was a black polka dot shirt which she had taken some years back, not wore it once and put it back in there,completely forgetting about it.

Really, Is this what I was searching for since weeks ? Something that was hidden inside my closet ? Something That long back I did not care for ? 

It din't take time now for her to realize. She realized, it was time to look inside. 

                   Inside her, Inside that hidden closet of hers - Her soul.