Monday, November 19, 2012

Oucchh!!! That Hurts!!!

Complexities of mind, loose wiring of the brain, loopholes in analysis, the "let-it-be" attitude,
"I-don't-care" Lies, Fakeness around,fake within,Ignorance, the power to avoid, the power to control, the temptations, the guilt, the pleasures, the desires, those random thoughts, those blue moods, that bliss, that yes, that no, Upside-down, the "why-me" question, the decision, the no-decision, the cross-roads,beautiful outside - Ugly-in,Charming outside - Devilish Inside, The two sides of the same coin, the optimism, the pessimism, The Questions, the emptiness, blank - void,Love, the demotion of becoming friends from lovers, the break-up, those happy moments, those kodak times, the irritation, the frustation, boring, the same old routine, Jealousy, wierdness, craziness, Likeness, Lovable moments, that panic feeling, sinking down, breaking down, falling, rising above, falling again, Rising, the never-die-attitude, The struggle, the rebellious, the my-way or no-way, the cold war, the heated arguments, the tears, the pain, the Shit-Did-I-Ever-Love-You ? 
The Shit-I-made-a-mistake-again, those flashbacks, that music, the favourite songs, the importance, the updates, the I-am-coming-to-meet-you messages, the I-am-waiting-for-you downstairs, those little little moments, those swinging moods, those tantrums,that unfinished fun-fair, that candle-lights,that flirting,those up-downs, those "I- got-dressed-up-for-u" moments,The cravings for tea, the craft exhibitions, those movies,Those morning messages, those good night wishes.That security, that peace, that happiness, that completeness, that satisfaction, that urge to LIVE, that reason to wake up in the morning,that reason to be beautiful each day, the struggle to love. The ability to understand the SILENCE, the Inability to understand the WORDS, those Eyes that spoke, the Smile that gave a new life, those loud laughters,that childishness, that innocence, that Purity, those unfinished sentences, those poems, those writings, those pictures, those MOMENTS.
                                That "Being a strength and the weakness at the same time"
                              That Will u stand by me ? That Damn wait for "Will you marry me?" 


  1. just came across this randomly. none of my damn business, but i've been through this, so i understand. like churchill said, when you're going through hell, you keep going.

  2. Sure thing - I would tell the character, though it ain't me still - touch wood :) :) :)

  3. fooled me. :) the description did seem pretty authentic. i suppose that is a compliment to your skills, then.

  4. The character is not YOU! Damn! I thought its you. Nevertheless, i am curious about the character then.

  5. Its total fiction, just putting in words, in a way that readers can feel it has been them once in a lifetime :)

  6. i'd doff a hat if i had one.