Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A lil More of U

I know,you exist. Sometimes, I believe you exist only for me.
Sometimes, I feel you breathe for me.
I know, you don't tell how much I mean to you. You never did.
You knew, I knew - so you never told.
I know, what you feel, how much you feel, how much you would miss me and I know how silent you can go on to be.
I know,you live in my skin,my soul - so near to me that I can feel your skin underneath me.
I know,as a whole you belong to me.
But,there could be a little more of you in me - there could be sometimes those unexpected messages and calls, there could be some more talks, there could be a little more affection, there could be something special.
That wouldn't hurt - there could be a moment which makes me stand-still. There could be a second where I just melt away in your arms.

I wish you knew,you can never be enough, I need a little more of you everyday.

There could be a little More of you In me.
Just a little more - wouldn't hurt you, would complete my circle of love.


  1. Hi Drashti,

    Lovely post, explaining the need for affection and just a little bit more of love. Thanks for sharing this.



  2. This sounds so very familiar. We Indians normally don't express ourselves. We expect that the other person knows. Time to change.

  3. Thanks Jay :) and Sabyasachi - yeh time to express a bit more, we never lose anything by expressing :)