Wednesday, December 12, 2012

High - Without the smoke n the weed.

You are like a drug, a bit like Vodka with litchi juice..something like those first Raindrops..something even more...
It would be sin, if you thought that your effect would last only for a while because I said you are something even more...
And somehow your effect does not wear off...
The more drug I take..The more stoned I would want to be..
The more I have vodka..the more High I would want to be....
The more I stand in the rain..the more drenched I would want to get..
You are magical..Magic that creates a circle around me..
The circle I can't step out to, the circle that keeps following around me wherever I go.
I get high without the smoke and the weed,you don't even need to be close to hold me near, just the thought brings me shivers..
As I close my eyes, all I feel, is I am too High, too High to come back to senses.
Its that Magic Moment, that temptation, that urge to be with you and no one else, that craving - something that probably you never understood or ignored to realize.
What is it about you, that makes me high - without the smoke and the weed?

1 comment:

  1. So your 'high'ness isn't close to you right now??? :-(