Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Last Peg

It was the best time ever for the last time.
Yes, She did drink - but there was a reason - It was not for fun or enjoyment.
Everytime she got high with her last peg - she could throw out her emotions on him easily. She could say every nonsense that would make sense later on. She could get the guts to cut her heart and throw it out to him.
As she watched, getting her sixth peg, she knew it would be her last one.
She saw how the vodka made its way in the small pieces of ice in the glass..how the litchi flavour would cover up the taste of vodka and make her feel less guilty.
"Cheers" she said it to herself and gulped down in one shot.
She frantically searched for her phone..as she got up from the ground she could feel the whole world around her going translucent...she looked on the bed..there it was...somehow she thought, her phone was her best companion at night - the only device that could connect him and her in those dark nights...and there she din't have to search his name - it was always in her last dialled numbers - though she would not make a full ring - she managed to call him once a day or at nights so that his name would always remain in the last dialled numbers...
There I go..she knew she would call him at the last peg.
Ringing ringing ringing - It was against his pride,if at all he picked up the phone immediately.. There was not a single time when he picked up the phone in 2-3 rings. It always used to take longer - sometimes he never picked it up. And she just crossed her fingers that, that sometime should not be this time.
"Hello" and she was relieved. He asked her "Drunk" and she mumbled to say "Hmmm".
There was silence. The silence in between them had words. They could hear each other even when there were no words.He could hear her breath - faster than usual. He knew she would say something that will pinch him hard - it always did.
She had just one sentence to tell - "I still love you, love you so much - I dont care what you did, what happened in your past, how much you tormented me, but nothing is letting this feeling getting killed"
There was silence - as usual - he dint speak anything.
She had lost her senses - but she knew this was her life's last peg.
"I m getting married" - was her last sentence, that was her Last Peg. She had vowed never to drink.
The only reason for her vodka was him- and now it was over.
She hung up.
His fingers did not have the strength to call her back. But his heart had the guts to let her go.


  1. What's it with women swearing off drinks after marriage? :-D Hey...it is not as if they have to rewrite their choices and reformat their preferences just 'coz they are tying the knot. LOL!
    Sati savitri's days are gone..Slutty savitris are more in vogue now..:-)
    But narration was excellent. You trying to be an author or something? :-) Coz you should. You're good with this.

  2. Well, it wasn't about her getting married and quitting it.
    It was something else - re-read you will figure it out :)
    Btw, thanks I think I will write more to turn out to be an author :)

  3. Ok...duality and symbolism on the 'peg'... :-) Nice...Read a lot of romantic novels?

  4. well was it a memoir or a fiction one..!! whatever it was truely expressive and infact you made a reader to be a part of it...Keep Writing..! ;)

  5. Hi Drashti,

    Wow, that was a gripping story. The last peg and with it the whole outlook towards life changes. What a complete turnaround.
    Good post.

    Keep up the good work



  6. Thanks Shivprasad..It's still fiction :)

  7. why is it that in all your stories protagonist-women always crave for abusive men? Men with indifference!
    what is it that makes them so irresistible, so vodkish?

  8. You are such a talented writer!!! Great blog :)

  9. Anonymous - if craving's had reasons, it wouldn't last long - Don't know the reason yet - :-)

  10. Optimistic Existentialist - Thanks so much :)

  11. no posts since long.. awaiting!

  12. Anonymous should wait anonymously - :)
    Waiting for some inspirational situations to happen..

  13. Very nice, quite a monster that we have to tame this fear is! and overcoming the fear of letting some one u love go... *shrugs*

    Do visit my post "Oblivion"! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

  14. Why silent-drashti is soo silent!! awaiting next post..