Monday, December 17, 2012


She craved for him...again..She lay still in her bed. It was 1:30 AM..waiting, thinking about him...waiting for his call..waiting for a message.
Deep inside, She knew he was not thinking about her at that moment.
Yet, She wanted him.
She woke up,sat on the bed,for sometime, thinking "Why is it me ? - Why do you keep on tempting me,for you, why is it that I crave like a small baby for you?..Why is it I want to be in your arms and never want to leave you?
She grew restless, because until she did not tell this to him..her mind would be full,nothing works - She keeps on thinking about him, just him,it stops for every single thing in this world.
She needed to tell him, what she thought, how she felt - She had done this like for hundred times over in the year - yet there was nothing that moved him..still she wanted to speak her heart out.
At times, She felt silly - She thought - "Why do I tell you - I feel like a fool."
Sometimes, she felt,he must be laughing on her..She din't care even if he did now.. Sometimes she wondered there might be so many out there wanting to tell him the same things again and again - Her words might not be new to him, but it meant everything to her and once again she wanted to tell him -
                        "How much possesed she was, by him"
She walked out of the room, to the terrace - to feel the breeze, as though he was hugging her, as though she was in his arms, the best feeling in the world - to know that she belonged to him and no one else - that now she had the whole world start and stop with him.
She sat there on the swing,moving it slowly - She din't realize the sun stepped out and she could see the rays in her eyes - as though, it was him - who woke her up with nothing but love.
She felt he was there - there with her all the time.
Possesed again, with thoughts - "Why do I feel you so much for you and why doesn't my love reach to u ? Why doesn't this feeling live in ur soul?
Why don't u feel this ? Why don't I have the same magic just the way you do?

        "Just the way I sway myself into trance and breathe you in me?"


  1. I see most women have a thing for men who don't reciprocate their advances..:-D

  2. Yeh,but most men lose those wonderful women sooner or later and then there is nothing left but regrets :D

  3. What makes a woman wonderful? :-) Just the fact that she loves a man with a smoldering passion which sets ablaze her soul and makes her melt? I know a lot of guys who loved girls with a similar intensity.But they never could match up to the girls' expectations.:-D
    It's a crazy world we live in. Lines between a lover and a loser blur far too often... ;-) People tend to devalue themselves by making the other realize that they can't make do without them. :-)

  4. Rahul - once you are in really in love, probably you don't think about your value the other person more - no matter how they are- you stop judging them..- just an opinion :)