Thursday, October 18, 2012


       He wondered - what was it with the High-Heels all the time ?
As she walks on the floor, it says tik-tik, tik-tik...and grabs attention from all the corners.
       But she knew why she wore them, why she loved them so much.
She wore them to reach to his heart when she hugged him - so that she could hear those heart-beats in her ears.
She loved to do that because she could hear her name in those beats.
If she din't, her ears would never reach to his heart, and he used to enjoy that - that extra effort of carrying those heels all day just for him.

She slipped on her heels,her ladder towards those heart-beats,with a heavy heart took those little steps towards the door that was going to be closed forever for her.

            It was the last time she would be hearing her name.
                It was the last time they would ever meet.
      It was the last time she would hug him and hear those heart-beats.
       It was the last time she wore her all time favourite High-heels.


  1. Brilliant.... Wonderful post infact...


    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

  2. What happened exactly? :O

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  4. wow! what a cute post.
    and i finally find a gujju amdavadi blogger! yay!!!!
    i am following ur blog now girl..
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  6. Hey Kunj,
    Thanks so much for the appreciation.
    I will surely visit your blog and will keep in touch :-)

    Thanks gal.