Saturday, May 26, 2012


Probably, we are used to the feeling of people leaving us in the middle of the path  from time to time.
They come un-announced and leave un-announced and between that melodramatic era of the so-called togetherness, you have made sure that they feel they have the best of the world...
You have made sure that they cannot get any more lucky....
and made sure that nothing ever can go wrong with them.
And all of a sudden there is a storm, that disturbs the shore...and whoop..they leave....
There have been milli-seconds when they have been precious to you..they make a space in the most neglected organ of your body - the heart....making it beat for them....and they choose to go heartless.
This is even less pain, the actual pain erupts when you are left with no reasons...U question them in and out and they do not have anything to reply...and then this feeling of being thrown in the trash is even more worse when you do not even know what made you so useless and so un-important in their lives.

After numerous failing attempts of thinking day and night of what really is wrong, you wake up from the fallen decision of yours, to make an effort to perfect yourself...
You keep on struggling to get the best out of you, you keep on walking towards a path with an unknown destination in mind,your thoughts turn to the road of achieving perfection in unknown areas...And you did this even when they were with you, but this time the whole center-point of your life is changed.
Earlier it was them and now its for "URSELF"
And they say, we tend to become selfish - No one,I suppose is born selfish - they have been forced to look only towards themselves by the world...They had immense love and happiness within themselves enough to light up the world...and that light was smashed in a way that they built themselves a fear around them, a boundary within themselves to not let anyone in.

In the midst, of the turbulence of emotions within themselves of loving others or loving oneself,they lose the directions and end up with "UN-LOVE" - where you cannot "HATE" them and nor do you have the rights to "LOVE" them.

And yes, this is that time of your life when you want happiness for them beneath the fortifying anger against the world.

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