Monday, May 14, 2012

4 Letters.

And you thought it was in movies, in short stories, in novels, even in high school text books...You thought it would never touch you, you thought how can people just get into real can such a mess occur just by looking at each other , just with that one sight, just with that one phone call, just with that one wink, just with that one smile..How some silly conversations could make you think of that person day and night - how you would try to do your best to please that person - atleast not make them unhappy....

You thought this was UNREAL...until it struck you - You never even thought that one second, one call, one message, one meeting could change your life..could make things go upside-down in you, could make you beg inside, could break you so much and yet make you strong at the same time.

That one incident would give you a new thoughts, new feelings, new emotions, bring out the hidden you inside you, the craziness inside you, the wierdness inside you, you long for that care, you can start noticing the hidden likeness behind the anger, you start demanding, commanding and bring out the child in you back.

You want to tease and talk at lengths on topics you never thought you would even have to  begin to question and don't feel upset when you have to answer numerous or even countless unnecessary questions.

Those once so-called lovey-dovey silly songs now seem to be just made for you and time seems to go damn slow when you are far from them. You can now advice or take advice even though you know what to do and when to do and every single move of yours has to be updated.

You pray, you ask blessings and you silently wish "BE MINE" , "BE MINE" and hope your prayers,your wishes don't go unanswered this time. You dream your daily routine, your every second of your coming life with that one person and just wish no matter what I just want this to happen.

And now, as you are reading this(single,married,dating,divorced- any status), you are just thinking of that one person you have always wanted, you thought that is your soul's mirror-image, you thought - That's her or that's him... then pat your backs because now even you have been touched by that infection -LOVE.

And wait, nothing is so rosy as it seems there is an another part to this - "UNLOVE".


  1. That infection u talking abt is called.. Infatuation.. and lady, i get infected every other day..

    1. I don't might be...but we come to know only with time :)