Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There is a thought every second - for some it might be at every millisecond - good ones,bad ones,crazy ones, wierd ones, serious ones and some actual real thoughts that keep on plunging in your mind and heart both at every nano second.

My thoughts revolve around "Yeh,some day everything is gonna fall in place"- some day, some time of life I will have myself fulfilled with joy and bliss and some moment I will live truly.

Live without restrictions and constraints, live without dependencies, life which would be in a state - where I do not have to depend on external happiness and just be fulfilled within myself.

And sometimes, I wash away those thoughts saying it's almost next to impossible to cater satisfaction to our minds and hearts.
Our wish-list never seem to end. Our ambitions grow daily.Our thoughts change daily,depending on the environment with which we surround ourselves with.

Probably our thoughts are not our own, they grow with an impact of other people or situations.
Our Eyes have been placed in such a way that we can just look at people's actions and behaviours, their homes and bank-balances, their posts and those happy pictures posted out there.
Wish, we had the eyes to look within ourselves, to improve ourselves, to have the courage of making our weaknesses into strength and those ears to listen to ourselves rather than people's talks and comments.

How I wish to be at peace within myself, to please people without hurting myself, to get rid of every negative emotion inside me and live a life that is full of bliss.
How I wish there is a life where I can say "Now is my time".
How I wish I was no more a puppet that's been handled by time and luck.
How I wish I stop giving a damn and struggle myself to come out and shine in the world.

What would it be, if I stopped making the efforts to excel myself and try to bring perfection in every thing I do ?
What would it be, if I stopped pleasing people and make them happy ?

Happiness in true sense - is hard to find and harder to digest.
From moments to thoughts, my mind wanders in search of the real "I do not give a damn of what you think of me"

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  1. Improved blog by blog... Wonderful. I wish my mind mind start thinking like this... :-)