Friday, May 11, 2012

Guilty Pleasures.

There is a culprit in imperfection - it is a guilty pleasure.
Leave things the way they are, creating an imperfect environment around you, trailing behind is, an ample amount of lazyness and the next thing when you wake up from your addiction to imperfections, is the giant monster of guilt building up in you, leading to an another negative emotion - Anger.

Anger not towards anybody is so hurting than towards you. When you angry on someone, you can blast them with cuss words or just have a cold war with them - but anger for yourself creates an havoc inside you.

Breaks you to pieces - How can I just be so lazy or so imperfect ? Where is the little clean angel in me gone?

One negative emotion leading to another an then to another belittling your confidence to pieces.

Happens when you decide to start that new fitness diet - One day - perfect, second day - perfect, third day - a bit lazy,fourth day- a bit more, fifth day - about to quit and the sixth day - you quit that fitness regime - The evil monster won and you let it win.

That relationship - where you knew, you didn't have a Destination - Yet you move on with that person - creating a surge of emotions for both of you.
You hit it off instantly with that person, making you want more and more, like that little child craving for pieces of choclates everytime he sees the wrapper.
You had turned deaf ears to your loved ones and you just wanted to walk on the path without any destination because the journey itself was so beautiful or probably there was a bit of hope that someway down the line a destination would build up. 

You make up your mind so hard to start,to work towards your desired wish and that giant monster in you wins.
This does not happen once or twice - this happens everytime because our desired wish is not so passionate or strong like the giant monster.

Temptations rule your mind - the decision whether to do it or not is always won on the strong base of the temptation.
You know you are going to face evil consequences and still you go ahead and push yourself to that tempting wish of yours - to satisfy the giant monster in you.

Life would never have been confusing or on the cross roads if you always know to rule out your temptations. If you always want things straight and never challenging, you would never push yourself to the giant monster,Instead you will find out ways to feed the little angel in you.
But pleasures are pleasures - temporary yet satisfying and those lead you to path of negative emotions.
There comes this free life - a free day, where you do everything the giant monster tells you to do - you believe its your life - you have full rights to make fun from it - but at the end, do we really know whether it was worth it ?


  1. Really amazing...very nice perspective ... I am inspired to write something now ... :P