Monday, November 28, 2011

Step up

Let's run. Run far away from the maddening crowd, the rules, the silly ethics, the world, the people in it.
Let's walk away - walk away in peace..feel the sublime happiness, taking just yourself - Leaving everything behind - the attachments, the fake pleasures, the fake smiles - most importantly the selfish relationships - the so-called "bonding".
Bond within yourself, know yourself - why do you do these things to yourself - why do you tread towards a path when you do not know the destination - Listen to your heart - It's alive and it will always be - the mind stops you from listening to it but just have silence in that mind - stop those millions of thoughts and the germs of those gray cells and let the red cells for once speak up.
Numerous times, we are tied up in the dilemma of working towards the right things just because it has been pronounced "right" by the world. Cut those ropes of the so-called "right" things and STEP UP.

Step up to your world - step up to become selfish - step up to become yourself first - step up to force people to accept you the way you are.
Get those guts out of you and do something remarkable, something to be proud of, something you did just for yourself and not for the world, something your heart found immense happiness in.

STEP UP to hear the voice of your soul first. 


  1. pata hai.... yaha se bahot dur, Galat aur Sahi ke par, ek maidan hai...

    rest, you are smart!!!! ;P