Monday, June 4, 2012


I asked you to leave. Leave me.
I asked you not to cling to me for long.
There was a silent war going on between the gray cells which forced on to create those ripples in the brain.
Leave my thoughts alone.You disobeyed.
You always do. You do what you like and not what is right,at times.
Wish you always did what you like. But sometimes you listen to the heart, sometimes you listen to the mind.
That whole thing confuses me deeply. Follow one rule. It makes my life simpler, I told you.You disobeyed.
You walk in my thoughts anytime you wish, without knocking. And you tend to stay there for long, sometimes in the back of my mind, sometimes hidden in my soul.
You are there, always there.
No matter the countless people I meet or the countless people I see, You are there on top of the stack of my mind and heart.
When I close my eyes, it's like a flashback.From one moment to an another, those seconds in between make me gasp for you.
Under those million images, I find you black and white standing there.Clueless and Expressionless. 
I walk towards you and you tend to run. Make me long for you as ever before. You make me taste the recipe of happiness and bliss,and now you want to make me want for you ever more.
You want me to run after you, struggle for you, pull on all my strength and crave for you.
Helpless,is the word.Hold on with me, I told you.You disobeyed.You always do.
I wondered what you were. 
In and out, I looked for you and in between the cluster and chaos, I could hear someone whisper your name - "SUCCESS" is your name - They said.
I hear myself saying: You are nothing but a "MIRAGE" and I compel myself to again wish and say : "Leave me, yet hold on".


  1. very indepth analysis done on Mirage..
    Reading your each words so carefully, I find you are a witty yet realistic author that can pen down numerous irony of life by comparing it such objects..

    Your thoughts actually convey a truth of Mirage that tends to create such illusion between the heart and mind for one or other relationship and its people :)

  2. Thank you people :) I just noticed the comments today :)