Thursday, June 7, 2012


Flavourless.Plain.Average.Nothing more in it.
And yet at times - the most sought out taste.
Hopping in the ice-cream parlour, her eyes looked at the multiple flavours they had,and as usual,she wished to hear the "Yes" sound from her heart.

"Mam, try this - looks good and feels good", "Mam,This is just awesome - newly launched just for you."
Her friends around her had ordered all the fancy flavours out there, displaying the expression - "We got the best one, the apperance is so tempting".
She took a lot of time to decide what she wanted. She never wanted to be wrong.She never was attracted to appearances or decorations, because she knew, that would never last for long. 
Not a quick decision-maker, she looked back to her choices made earlier and gave a shrug - "No way, I am gonna taste that again".
Giving a quick glance,at the appearances,imagining the taste of each one - that could satisfy her heart, she choose to pick up the one at the most corner - hidden and untaken by none.
"Vanilla" - She could hear it - "Yes", I want that. And she knew - a silent war would start up between the heart and the brain.
Commanded the heart, the brain rebelled - "I never have vanilla,Its plain - nothing in it.Try something that soothes the eyes atleast."

The heart said out loud - But, still I want it NOW.
The brain gave up. And in 2 minutes, she had the Vanilla in her hand.

Simple and yet the one that she said "Yes" to.
Each portion was taken up carefully to savour the taste endlesslesly and she could feel it move down her throat to her stomach, lighting up her face.
Occasionally, looking at the different flavours that everyone was trying and giving differnt opinions - "Looks good, but the taste is not that good."
Someone, just trying up to cover up their mistakes - "We should atleast take some risk,at some point" .
Another one - " Let me just settle down with an another to override this bad taste"
And hear she was - Silent and Satisfied with what she had chosen. The taste was not special or unique from others.
No,nothing extra-ordinary, yet she was happy.
Happy, that the ice-cream did the job of satisfying her taste buds and happy from the choices she had to make.
It was not a short-cut. It was well-thought of.
Reach out for something simpler, something that is average, something that is just plain and something that just fulfills the desire of the heart and confuses it less.
Reach out to someone who just makes your heart happy and does not intend to complicate things further.
Reach out to someone who is unique in a way, that you would never have complaints.
She smiled once more. The heart did the best job and the brain did its best - by listening to the heart.

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  1. Amazingly ....i loved the beautifully u have compared with icecream...the importance of simplicity, average and the turmoil going between heart and mind is soo beuatifuly narrated...