Monday, July 30, 2012


How is it to see somebody wear your dream dress, seeing someone on your dream travel location, seeing somebody's bank balance grow incredibly than yours, seeing someone who belonged to you now belongs to someone else
 - How is it to feel that so called term - "ENVY".

No matter how many efforts you have made, you have not made it to the place you believed you should be -
You look within yourself and list out all the possible excuses that came in between you and your dreams.

Probably, at times - you never wanted those things badly enough. So badly that you could get them.
They were in your life as "OPTIONS" -  Options with conditions like "if" , "but", "And" , "Or"
The position you are in, is the position you always wanted.
You are here because you had a set of conditions, because you had some sequential incidents to occur, where in if one incident did not occur, you kept waiting for it to happen - instead of moving on or taking the next step. And after a long,long wait you ended up to be in the same place as now you were used to your comfort - the comfort zone topped with the icing of laziness.

Random thoughts, the struggle to make each day happening and new - the patience to see - "today is my day" without even having a list of what should be in the day. Small attainable things become a far-away sight because there is no passion to achieve long-term goals - there is no spark, no zeal and you are living like the dead.

That's the time, you need to pick up urself - pick up each piece carefully and remember each moment of life is so very precious - each second can be made beautiful - if you wished, if you dreamt - dreamt passionately without conditions.

How would it feel to override the term - "ENVY" with the term "COURAGE"... Muster up the courage - so that the green color appears in someone else's eyes instead of your's.

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