Friday, January 23, 2015

We are an "AND"


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                   An epitome of infinite love,care and strength
The birth-giver - To my body and to my soul and to all that is inside me. 

This is the story of my "And"  - She does not have a one-dimensional label because no amount of dimensions could envisage her power in this boundless world. 

Her power amplifies day by day - the power of giving, the power of loving and the power of caring.

                  Choices and Sacrifices. You first and me later! 

            Any point of the time - day and night - there was no OR. 

She is the lady with infinite AND's - She is my teacher AND my doctor AND my guide AND my philosopher AND my Feng-Shui expert AND my cooking class teacher and my best friend and this and that and, and, and..the list could go on - to what she is in our lives. 

Her touch could heal you in seconds and her voice could enlighten you every single time. 

The lady who taught me my first ABC and the lady whose warmth is never less,irrespective whether the sun would shine or not - her soul shined in front of us always. On cloudy,gloomy days - there she is - ready to charge us up with her own sun-shine. 

She is the lady who could take all my sufferings be it broken bones and broken hearts. 
The lady who has a solution to every single,every single thing in the world, in our life. 
The lady whom I can call and ask what do I do now - no matter what the time is!

       The lady who is our pillar and a base to US - My Mom and my best friend ever  

      The lady who instilled in us that nothing in this world is ever impossible.

The lady who taught me how to deal with the riots of heart , how to tame my angry,wild and raw self. 
The lady who taught me I could do anything in this world. 

That I could be a Project manager and a great wife at one point of time and that I could rule the world and that I could be ruled by my husband's heart. 

The lady from whom I learnt how to say yes and no. The lady who taught me that one dollar saved could add up to the one million some day. The lady who taught that it's ok to cry and that it's ok to laugh.

And the lady who is so inspiring that if anybody would have asked me today what I did want to be - I would always say - I want to be her. 
That I want her strength and her ability and that I want to love like her and have a humor like her. 

At one moment, the lady could tell you stop doing this and an another moment she is the one kick-starting the fire in you.

The lady who taught me never to give up even if you did fall a thousand times.

The lady who has the ability to manage three children, who are at the three different countries and the lady who has the ability to be her husband's wife and her father's daughter at the same time. 

This journey would never end cause parts of her has what has built us and parts of us will build the next generation. 

The lady who could be magical and mystic at the same and who could pray for you day and night without forgetting a single problem of yours. 

She is the lady who could learn technology at an age nobody would want to learn anything. She is the one who could go out and take any course in the United states and she is the one who could do double shifts, chat with her three children and their other-halfs, she is the one who could cook thrice a day, go out grocery shopping,buy things for each of us and give us random advices every single day. 

The one and only inspiration that we all have, that forces us to believe that we cannot be labelled with just one title and that we are a sum of everything that the universe holds. 

She is the one who would make you think - if mom can do,I can do it too. She is the one who taught us how to be patient and how to be aggressive when needed. 

She is the one who can hold the sadness ocean within herself to protect us from the waves of sorrow and the depths of darkness.

The lady who told me that I could be beautiful and enchanting.
 That I could be charming and creative.
That I could hold into myself anything that I would want to be.

 That I am water and can take any form I wish to be in, that today I could join the ocean and not be afraid of the vastness and that tomorrow I could freeze myself and stay put in one place. 

She is the one who told me how awesome it is to be a girl and how awesome it is to become a woman, a wife and then a mother. 

She is the one who passed on to me that I can be a little girl and that I can mature when the time tells me to and that I can play and that I can work. 

She is my inspiration who tells me that I can sleep late and yet wake up early in the morning. She is the one who tells me its OK to be fat and that its OK to be thin. 

She is the one who tells me that its OK to be what I am - she is the one who tells me that I am unique and I could add anything to this world with my uniqueness. 

She is the one who tells me its OK to be selfish and that its OK to think about yourself for a while and she is the one who for one second of her life has never been selfish and who has always put us in the front line to complete our desires and our aspirations. 

She is the one who can look young and carry a glow cause she is a proud mother who knows that she has three awesome parts of her in the world who could contribute their parts in making this world a better place to live, laugh and love. 

I wish to never end this, but she is the one who also tells me to keep my Gillette everywhere so that I could have  more sexier,shinier legs and that if a woman feels good today, she could change anybody's world. 

And that there are no finite amount of things that I could do - the world is infinite and there are possibilities and that I can never be labelled ever.

And this is my story of being an infinite "And" and to ask someone "And?" when they tell me I am caring :)

"And" They tell me I am her shadow.

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