Thursday, November 20, 2014


Words might betray. Gestures might be wrong. The spark in your eyes may fade. But, the hand that can hold our hand, under all seasons, is the one we all look for.

Four Years and counting. Met through a matrimony site but never felt that way. Love struck Rhea and Nikhil, played their chords so romantically, that knotted them forever in this beautiful journey.

Dipped in oceans of love, flying with the stars, singing and dancing, Swirling and Twirling to each other's tunes -Both of them din’t know the real meaning of love until they met.

Until, they both touched each other. Touch – A simple touch that touched their souls.

And everybody said, this is all in the start of the journey – Let time pass!

Days and nights unfolded themselves in each other’s arms – they could talk even if they were silent. It was like as though,they had seized the secret recipe of TOUCH.

Couples around them grew old in love, they changed, but they were still fresh in love!
Their friends could witness the passion of closed eyes and mixed emotions, each moment was a new slice of life, untangled emotions, the silent whisperings and mushy smiles, those soft feelings, that soft touch – What on earth was there between the two – which made them fall for each other every single time they took their breath?

Everybody wanted to know – the magic, the mystical passion between them!

They loved to party and on one such occasion at their place, Anjali, Rhea's friend, found a curvy purple colored bottle – She took it in her hands.                                                  
                             Parachute advansed body lotion. 

She was lost in thoughts, reading about the richness of the goodness of coconut and 100% natural 
moisturisers that could give you soft, smooth & nourished body skin in just 7 days!!!
She opened it, checking around, if nobody was checking on her :P. 
The mesmerizing smell brought Rhea towards her. Anjali was dumb-founded.
Rhea told her to relax and said “ This is our magic potion of TOUCH. You don’t have to bring back the touch, if you do not let it go”. 

The only way to keep passion is not wait to rekindle the spark, but to keep lighting the spark, daily and this is how we #BringBackTheTouch.

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