Friday, January 23, 2015


13th Birthday. She was excited. 
She was going to be in her "teens". Use those slang words more often, start to say "kewwwwllll" and not to forget meet "Dudes". She could envisage a whole new teenage life of bliss, independence, fun and parties.

She had waited since long to reach her "teens" - that's what everyone used to say - "Wait till you are a teenager" and it was less than 24 hours when she would be reaching there. 

She could not concentrate on the class. She was excited what it would be tonight. 

Will her friends throw in some midnight party ? Would her mom allow it ? Come on, I am a teen now - I will be allowed some more freedom - mixed thoughts and mused ramblings.

In the midst of all those thoughts, she felt her cheeks twitch. She was too excited to notice and ignored it.

She looked at her crush. She thought - wow, he is cute. Will he come tonight ? 

The clock struck midnight. Her phone started ringing and she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

As she walked towards her door,she noticed herself in the mirror, and it was unbelievable to what she was seeing!!!! 

For the first time in her life, her skin was red, there were small rashes across her once-flawless cheeks - she moved a bit closer and she could see small,red pimples on her cheeks. 

Her eyes could not believe it because not once in her life did she ever see that on her face and that too on her birthday!! 

She came back to her senses to realize that somebody was on the door. With tears in her eyes and trying to hide her face, she opened the door. 

It was her mom - she could see her tears and also the small pimples on her cheeks. 

She wished her a very happy birthday and handed her a packet. 

With tears in her eyes and losing all interest in the birthday, thinking what her friends would say and more importantly, would her crush ever look at her again - she opened the packet.

She was amazed when she saw a soothing Garnier Active Neem Face Wash

Her mom smiled and said - this is what will help you through your "Teens"
Go, try it. 

She was reluctant at first but as she read  that  It contains real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts which could fight germs,fight pollution and remove oil,she got excited about it and tried it out. 

Next morning, as she woke up and looked at herself in the mirror - she could see there was a significant change in her face. The redness had lessened and she was sure she could rock her birthday. 

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