Friday, January 30, 2015

#Second Chance

                 You will be my every chance - first, second and the millionth :)

As I see you from far-away, walking towards me, it feels as though the sun rose again at this time and splashed tons of brightness on my soul, when you smiled. 

Your name could show me shades of sunflowers and my eyes could shine every time you call me. 
Reflections of the lemon-tainted epilogues till late nights and dreams of watching sunrises together, still flows in me!

Every time, when I wait for you and see you walking towards me - my mind travels behind in time to think about those heart-ruins that ever happened to me! 

The wait, the wait to find a perfect match, the wait to find someone so special, the wait for the man whom I could shower all my love, which I kept bundled up in myself - for the man who could just share with me - his life and give me a share of his heart.

Those were the years when looking for a perfect match seemed a disaster and the times when she felt that God forgot to make someone for her.
Those years when each day seemed a struggle and each online matrimony request made you think - Is he the one ? 

Deep down, the heart knew - these are certainly not the people I am going to get married too. 

5 years of searching and 5 years of looking every nook and corner, she found him. 

It din't take long to know that this is the guy whom she will love so much! This is the guy who will patch the little slivers of her heart. The guy who build courage in her that love exists and that we can love with equal measures. That we can always love without reasons, and love will remain pure, divine and blissful.

They asked me what would I do if I had some second chances - and the little tinglings of my heart told me - I really wanted you to walk in my life a little early than you did. I wanted those goose-bumps to appear a little earlier than when they came, I wanted to hear those violins a little earlier than they rung. 

I really wanted to try looking up for you in my early years of "match-finding" so that I could have spent more dramatic,crazy moments more often with you! So that I could fall in love with you more often! So that I could unplug myself unto you!

My life could be a mixture of different colors with you - a palette of colorful colors, cause I don't like black and nor white and grey the least. 

My life would have strokes of rainbows and each would design itself as a memory.

I wish for a second chance to change the blank canvas of my life. I wish for strokes of love ready to be thrown on this very white canvas and build a master-piece with you!

I wish life could give me a second chance to : Dance with you on every tune!

I want to spend my past years dancing with you, holding your hand and making a nice swirl, bringing in a twist in the belly, turning on the fire within us and crashing into each other like those sea-waves! 
I wish to rip the currents of passion between us and then coast on your smile, stay still and hear those whispers. 

I wish life could give me a second chance to : take study classes together!
I want to walk with you towards university classes and sit next to you, listen to what the professor says - ignore and look at you, look at the way you would try concentrating on classes, I wish to give test exams with you and sit and study until midnight! 

I wish life could always give me a chance to write! Tune up my gray cells in such a way that I could pen down my language of heart in the form of words for you! Yes, I haven't been writing a lot but I do want to put out in black n white or in colors - those little thumps of my heart that wait to be out on print!
Every second chance that life gives - I want to spend it with you!  Unlike all, I do not have a bucket list of things I did want to do - but I have a list that has a common thing and it is "You" 

I want to travel, I want jump, I want to dance, I want to sing, I want to walk, I want to run, I may want to fly - but I want to do only if it's you.

I want to be with you every minute as life never has a #secondchance and if it does I want you and also cause you made me wait a little bit longer for love :)

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