Friday, April 25, 2014

Silent Conversations.

Silence. Peace. Serene. Calm.
Sometimes the mind, the heart needs to stand still and listen to itself. 

When was the last time you heard these words? The last time when you did something that you could hear your own heartbeats ? 

As I sat down to write this, it took time - cause I got lost on why do I write? Do I write so that people would love it ? Do I write so that I could get an extra like ? Do I write cause someone out there is so desperate to read my blog ? And, as there is silence all around - I could hear myself say - I write for myself! The same way, I live for myself! Not cause the world wants to see me or hear me - nevertheless, there are only a few who are really interested in our presence or absence! But, it is you - yourself and that is why you live, you love and you laugh! 

Today there is no topic - it is just the heart that vomits itself on this page - today there is no goal of people liking the post or not, today there is nothing attached to this! And, Here is the first thing we really need to learn - removing ourselves from the attachments! It is definitely an old adage stating free yourself from all attachments and seek the path towards liberation! How I wish if people could atleast free themselves from the worldly material possessions and move on to become a master-piece of peace, bliss and being calm. (And, when I say people, It does include me!) 

I have been making use of my time, making use of this opportunity as I see a new window out to the world - Listening to the chirping of birds, the voice of the trees, feeling the wind, looking at the sun - for once, taking time out and sitting there doing nothing.

Quitting the life race, quitting those repetitive thoughts of fame,success and money. 

This whole perspective of silence has helped me to emerge a new me. A me that never existed, A me that never was. 
The silence has engulfed in me to produce out newer perspectives of life. A whole of ME! someone whom I did not know earlier - something around me that truly explains me what Life should be.

For once, I have gained a perspective to take time out and enjoy the smaller things in life. 
Enjoying that hot cup of tea, with cold winds pushing off your hair, For once enjoying the warmth of love, for once enjoying the touch, for once enjoying doing nothing. 

Life would go on and on, your desires to achieve things would go on and on, the desire to be happy, the desire to feel bliss, the desire to be satisfied in itself leads to a lot of dis-satisfaction around. 

Cause we are slaves of our own desires, leading us to be unhappy constantly.

There needs to be a time when life should stand-still to enjoy the small pleasures of life - you don't need exotic vacations, you need a quiet walk together, holding hands, talking nothing and yet feel bliss. 

Sometimes, if life puts you in a situation, take time to indulge in loving yourself, know yourself, know what goes inside you,know about the different perspectives of life!

There are complaints, there is a lot of cribbing, there are too many expectations, those unfulfilled desires - those desires which make you think, you would be happy if you achieved that. These are the smaller aspects of life - the bigger picture is inside you. 

If you listen to the gushing of winds and thank god that you have sharp ears, that is where life starts for you. If you can watch a bird fly, and thank god that you have eyesight - that is where exactly life starts for you. Cause, these are the bigger blessings of life. These are some of the best things we have achieved. 
More importantly if you had time to watch the bird fly, if you had time to hear the winds, you have achieved it all. 

If you think, you can pen down your thoughts, you have heard your inside self and nothing in the world is greater than hearing your soul. 

Re-living it, pampering it and throwing out ample amount of positivity out there in the world. 

If there is someone, who reads this and feels great, you have done your part in the universe. 
If there is someone, whom you have heard out, you have done your part in the universe. 
If there is someone, you have to guide to a right path, you have done your part. 

Go ahead, be selfish and do your part in the universe with some silent conversations.

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  1. thanks for visiting earlier....this quiet and solitude is totally priceless..infact this featured in my "Q" post...