Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Glu-ed :-)

She was decked up like a queen. A queen cause formerly she was a princess - her father's daughter, today she belongs to the king.

"Its going to take so many hours to get off with this attire - Hair-pins, decorations, fully-loaded jewellery, a 30-kg ghaghra and what not".

"Come, let me help you."

Off went the pins on the bed, the jewellery on the table, the ghaghra out there on the floor.

She was relieved. There was too much decoration in her hair. What the hell!! - She thought.

One by one, he removed the glu-ed decorations off the hair and put it up on the bed. 

"No, don't put it there. Its gonna be a real mess". 

Before she realized, they were cuddling.

She screamed out loud - Not what you think - relax. 

"O my god! I think its a pin in my leg." The lights went on.

Her hand was behind his back( any guesses where!!) 

What is that thing at your bum ? She tried to scratch it.

What were they doing in the middle of the night? (What are they actually supposed to do ?)

"O god! something has stuck to your bum - real bad."

"What is it ?"  He tried to look back. The pin in her leg and the "something" at his bum - it was not really fun after a tiresome day of the wedding.

"Let me take it out". As she turned him behind, she rolled into laughter and he was in no mood to attend that. 

"What is it now?"

"Its the glu-ed hair decoration. Your bum just wanted to decorate itself with my shiny hair-decoration. Come here, Let me scratch it off for you."

He went rolling on the floor, clueless. 

Looked around the room, Really - Is this the wedding night ? 

    They were glu-ed in for a life-time of togetherness, spiced up with fun.

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