Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Closet Treasures

She left office at 8. As she stepped out, a cool breeze swept her face. 

She didn't feel like going home.She thought, she would go out for some retail therapy. It was quite long(around 2 weeks:P) that she had not got anything new. 

As she reached the shopping mall, she could see a huge poster of a leading actress wearing sexy office clothes - A black polka dots shirt teamed up with a black pencil skirt and high heels. 
She instantly loved it. She could imagine herself out there on the poster.

She walked into the mall, thinking it would be easy to find one. She spent around 2 hours until it was time to close but could not find anything. She purchased a small pendant and left for the night.Her thought process compelled her to atleast buy something or the other(though un-important) 

It was 6 AM, time to go for a walk. Her schedule was too perfect to include anything else inside. As she put on her active wear, images of the black polka dot flashed right on her face. She was like, is it ? Do I love it so much ? Her mind was stuck. 

She quickly took the steps and went on for her morning walk. As she walked by, she could still think about the same attire. Her mind was definitely not in admiring nature at that hour.

What if she got the exact piece ? Would her best friend be jealous ? Would everyone in the office love it ? Would that be appropriate to wear in a place like Ahmedabad ?

                       Devils in disguise of countless thoughts crowded her.

It was time to get back home and jump-start herself towards her work-place.She thought she did leave office early and try to look in an another mall. 

She reached office and thought to look it up online. She could find everything but nothing that really clicked her mind. 

She tried to work and concentrate. She left early to an another mall. Nothing, at all. She dialled her best friend's number and cut it off. 

                 Why am I becoming such an obsessed creature after a top!!! 

It had been two weeks, that she had been visiting various malls but could not find anything at all.

Sunday morning! She was supposed to meet her friends over lunch. It was her usual nature to dress up perfectly with not a hair out of place.And she knew she did take time to decide and dress up. 

                  Today it was only the polka dots that were dotted on her mind.

She walked towards her closet and wanted to just dress up casually. 
As she looked around, she found too much stuff. She thought, time to clean it up a bit and no more shopping ( Her heart just winked slyly) 

She thought she did just cancel going out and spend time in there. She called up and said no. A lil bit of drama but she knew she did convince her friends. 

She started pulling out her treasures one by one. She remembered how her dad counted her t-shirts while she was in college. She was obsessed. Too much obsessed with clothes. Nothing in the world could excite her than the mere name of shopping. And at one point she did love every piece of thread in her closet.

She looked at all her t-shirts, tops, dresses and what not. As she sat between piles of different fibers and colors, she could see a black and white thing which she had not seen for years. What is that ? 

Ecstatic moment!!! It was a black polka dot shirt which she had taken some years back, not wore it once and put it back in there,completely forgetting about it.

Really, Is this what I was searching for since weeks ? Something that was hidden inside my closet ? Something That long back I did not care for ? 

It din't take time now for her to realize. She realized, it was time to look inside. 

                   Inside her, Inside that hidden closet of hers - Her soul.  

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