Thursday, September 11, 2014

Relish It.

Temperatures decided to drop. Summer wanted to end itself..Autumn was on its way..but the cold wanted to squeeze itself between them. 

I could dream something new today but I chose to relish my fulfilled dreams instead. I could listen to my mind..but I chose the heart over it. 

Getting up a bit early instead I chose to sleep in some more...
My mind did tell me to have that green tea but I chose to have an another cup of black tea with that extra mint and extra sugar..
My will power told me to get on the yoga mat but I chose to curl up with you and feel the warmth that I longed for so long..feel the fluttering of your eye lashes on my back..
Time told me to take a quick shower but I chose to fall into a long bubble bath and smell the candles that are hard to smell..I wished to let us make an effort to pull in deep, breathe multiple times to decide whether they smell or not..

I wish to lie in there and think who would make tea again..I wish to walk out of the room and make it, only to not overcome my sluggy-ness..the guilt doesn't win and I get that extra cup today from you..

I wish to let loose of the future and feel the times which I wanted to live for so long..

I wish to stand outside your winter closet and tell you wear whatever you want but yet pick out one for you..I wish to discuss whether it shrinked yesterday though you are late for work..
I wish to stand on your feet and hear your heartbeats..feel your warmth against me..
I wish to not wave you goodbye till the garage door and curl up inside again..I wish to just live today without the guilt of not dreaming again.

I wish to know for how long should we relish what we wanted really bad before trying to engulf ourselves into new desires ? 

How long should I be what I am with you - till the twinkle in my eyes last, till the heart whispers your name, till it is beyond forever ?


  1. This post has Jane Austen feel to it. Cold weather has similar effect on me as well.

  2. absolutely..there is some sort of magic in the cold :)