Monday, March 18, 2013


Terrible feeling - Where I hate you so much that I still have to think about you. I dont want to hate you and I never again want to love you, EVER.
I just want you to leave from my thoughts,from my mind and especially my heart. Just walk away like you already did, from every inch of me.
Why are you leaving behind your impressions on me ? I dont need them anymore.
I need space - I want my heart and mind to be just void. Go away - for god sake just go away!
Because, now, I hate you so much as though I never loved you in the first place.
I really dont want you.Go find some other place for you.
                    Your lease is over - release me.
The lease did mention **conditions applied** - Which I din't notice.As usual, Blind. 


  1. space-up and shelf some new concept dere rediscover new you inside you cannot be better you then YOU if u no wt i mean to say...cheers stay blessed! and voted for you! all the best.....