Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dare you :-)

                                   Kya aaj meri roti fulegi ?
                                   Kya aaj meri daal galegi ?
Those were his first thoughts every morning when he woke up. He was making consistent efforts to fulfill the roles they had exchanged.
But every day, it used to turn out to be a disaster.
One day it was the pressure cooker going right up to the ceiling,making him clean the whole kitchen and resulting into a "no-food" day and another day it was the dough that had nothing but water in it. He tried to fix it up by adding some more flour to it which even made it more worse. He looked up and decided I wont give up. Does she think only she can handle the kitchen? 
                                   No ways - I can and I will. 
This was his umpteenth attempt to fulfill her desire of learning to cook. He tried to make rotis everyday and he could - but in all shapes except round..
Looking at the roti,he tried to put up a round vessel on it and cut the sides..Wish I was good at craft, thought he.
The other day, he had made the cooker whistle for atleast 10 times and yet uski daal nahi gali..Gosh! He looked at the mobile, took it in his hands,glanced at the last dialled number.
                    Yaar, aaj to Gaadi 4th gear mai daalni hi hai
            Clutch dheere dheere hi chodna hai,ekdum se nahi chodna
            Do do mirrors kyun detey hai yeh log,kaha kaha dekhu mai..
Her ego was much more than giving up on how to drive.
They had an argument the other day - You can never learn to cook just the way I can never learn to drive. And that's when they had taken up the dare to complete each other's weaknesses.
Lost in thoughts, she had banged the car and put up herself in a traffic jam that could last for hours. She stood there helpless and dialled the last number.
         "Don't dare to challenge me, I can never win without You" :D :-) 


  1. First time on your blog.

    Liked the way you write and express.

    Keep Writing