Tuesday, April 9, 2013


                 Can a co-incidence occur everyday ?
Everyday as I move out of my home or my office - I get to see your name written either on an auto-rickshaw, a car, some food centre, some Hair-dresser, some beauty parlour, some optician, some gas-station,some society and what not.
There are times when the name-written autorickshaw is just so in front of me and its like I am following it up on the same route till my work-place!!!
Before some months, I thought it might be just because the way I keep thinking about you, I end up seeing your name everywhere but now,this has become a habit or might be just magic.
I see your name practically atleast one day written somewhere or the other.
Does it still tell me to wait ? Does it still tell me to hold on for you? Why does it have to revive all the memories in seconds?
Why do I end up seeing those dimples again in front of my eyes. Why now , when I chose to move on ? Why do you keep coming, when infact you never want me ?
                       Why do I keep chanting that name?


  1. Move on. Decide and think and move on. nostalgia and reminiscence can make you worse but not good.

  2. I sometimes feel I'm not human. Reading writings like this one is one such occasion. I don't succumb to such feelings. Perhaps, I'm not human enough!

  3. Not succumbing to something in itself could be a feeling, humanity needs to continue in some way or other , thanks

  4. Understand that this work, far from assuring the well-being of humanity is only a lie, a more or less unconscious hypocrisy, camouflaging the lowest passions we posses.

  5. Ankit - I dint understand a word u wrote :P

  6. Lyf is full of mysteries.. such instances hav been common for me too... but we can do nothing in that... just hav faith and there would surely be smthing exceptional waiting for you..

    till then, concentrate on the aim you mentioned in your 'About Me' section...:)

    gud day!!