Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainbow in the gray

"White" she shouted - who gets a white car!!!!
"Black" is so much in!!!
"Well, though black is in, it would get too hot so let us settle down with white."
She looked away from him - "Do what you like" and they hadn't talked about it until the car came in.
Offcourse, White!
In the middle of the traffic, she was standing there, although the signal turned green - as she reflected back to this incident, she realizes how minute those issues were."How stupid of me to fight over that" .
She reminisces that day when she was busy persuading to buy a black car.
In the midst of the impatient honking on the busy cross-roads, she realizes White or Black what did it matter ? 
She had always wanted him to be the rainbow of her life and spread colors all throughout their lives and atleast not get thrown in the GRAY area.


  1. Here its all about black & white...all the life they spent in searching love insted of doing love....this rainbow reflects understaning and the happiness in little things otherwise life went colourblind....u have a nice pen...I must say inked beautifully.