Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Volcanic Silence

Silence. But,Inside a volcano that was waiting to erupt anytime.
She had millions of things to tell him and she could feel he wasn't interested in listening to all those things.
That could pull him more towards her which he din't want now.

She wondered - there were so many like her in his life - What difference, if any, would make if she would tell him her heart out ? 
Would he feel the same lines again ? Would there be any respect for her feelings , her words ever in his life ? 

She decided not to speak at all. She could feel the anger inside but she loved him more than that and kept quiet. 
She could not speak anything after that. There was silence.
Togetherness after 382 days and there was more silence than ever. 
Loads to talk,but loads of thoughts that troubled her, mite be him too. 

She thought he might not trust her words, he might again think that she is flirting, that she is convincing him - she dint want him to think that way, because it wasn't true..

She meant it to be pure and true - but she dint know how to put it in words. She did not want to capture him, she wanted to make him free - free from all the confusions in his life from all the thoughts in his life -
she was helpless and he seemed too.

She dint want him to think that she used to use the same lines with all the guys, she wasn't that way.
Her dialogues might suggest something else to him but she thought he understood her - that those lines were for him and not for all.
He probably never understood her, he did not trust her.

Those dialogues were just witty lines which came up everytime she talked with him.
He thought there were too many guys behind her - but that wasn't the fact..She dint want to explain this to him because trust cannot be bought - it needs to be earned with time - and she had none. 

There were some mistakes she made - she opened up before him too fast , fast so that he misunderstood her to be the usual flirting gal. But it wasn't the fact - Time had passed and she could not change anything now. 

Dead again as ever. She did not know what to do, where to go, whom to talk. 
Why weren't things simpler ? Why was there pin-drop silence? Why did the eyes talk ? Why did the heart stop? 
Why are there too many questions ? Why are there no answers? Where were those dimples ? How could she bring them back ? Why was the volcano still inside her?

She wanted peace. She realized its just good to be friends ever again. Nothing else could be better. Nothing else could ever work out. 
Nothing else could bring a solution to this whole complication. 

Damn, friends ? What did that term mean now - The heart argued again and once again a Silent Volcano erupted creating a volcanic silence all around her.

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