Monday, September 24, 2012

Divine Magnetism

An unknown moment - appearing in front of her eyes.
From the corner of those dark,brown kajal-ed eyes, she can see his face, his dimples, as though they have been waiting for her look. 
She thought so. She believed so - her heart beat a little faster than usual as she recalled all the moments that she could actually never forget.
She closed her eyes - only to see his eyes staring at her unknowingly.
Vivid images of the black shirt kept on coming towards her.
It was like some kind-of black magic - she would keep on walking normally and then immediately stop as though someone grabbed her.
It was him again. She could not go leaving him ever. She prayed fervorously even after he was long gone.
She would open the morning paper to reach out to the horoscope section to read what his sun-sign said today and wished his day goes even better than yesterday. 
Why? she thought? How could she not hate him ? Why did she not have any reason allthough there were millions to do so.
And why that silly hope just din't die in her. Why was she so much not into someone else?
Damn, she thought. Why is there so much magnetism between him and her ?
She logged in her email account and she could see him in the list sometimes orange, sometimes green, sometimes grey - wondered why did she not delete him from there ?
Why was there still hope that one day she would ping him again just the way she randomly did it earlier - the best part was she never expected that he would do it.
She knew that - if she had to talk, it was always her - if he had to talk , then too it was her.
There was a signal to her heart - "Ping him" - because he will never do, he never did.
Don't ask why - he was that way - and she loved it.
And she was happy that way - he had set no expectations in her. It was her call to do things for him or not.
So she never expected from him and thus never got unhappy.
It was there right inside her till her soul - purity for him.
99% of the relations had a rule of give and take and her's was amongst the rest 1 % who really believed in the concept of only giving without any expecatations.
She did not want him to know what she felt, what she did, how she used to recite her name in between moments and smile to herself -
It was bliss for her and so she used to pen down her thoughts - in a way let them out from the inside of her.

But yes, She used to really wonder -
What was the divine magnetism between them ?
And there was faith - One day, she will have the answer.
Once again, he had captured her and left no way out.
Once more, she was on a path which had no destination but she loved this journey.
Once more, he proved himself a magnet.

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