Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Final Application.

A flaming hot, summer night. A tiring day. 

She was fooling time by engrossing herself at her work-place, by dancing her worries off and by hitting the shots of the tennis balls.

Unwanted menaces - those creepy thoughts of the past and future were pumped up with cutting-edge brain patterns. Sometimes she wanted to get hold of those neurons inside her tiny little brain and make them believe that she owned them.

Did it matter - if it just lay there - did it matter if there was nothing she could do about it ? Nights used to grill her from the within. 

Was she at the place she desired to be ? 
This Void feeling, the emptiness A blank future, a Tangled past, Loose ends of the present. WTF!!! Is this me ?

That was the 15th application she was making it tonight. It was already 3 in the morning and she was insomniac since the past six months. 
Her life was stagnant and Miracles seemed Mirages now. 
Faith choose to shook itself from within her.

Images from the past used to be her daily slide-show. 
Life on the thin ice made her shiver to death.
Her hands would reach out to hold on to something, feeling vulnerable - a Point where she would break-up while treading on this estranged lanes.

She clicked on the Upload CV button,choose her resume and hit submit. 

That was her last application. Her Last effort.

The Resume just converted itself into billions of data-bytes trying to make a way in the high-trafficated internet and reach to the Recruiter, that's the way She wanted to transform herself into a free bird and travel across the globe to a never-ending Destination. 
She did not want to stop a destination, rather she wanted some stations in between.

It was the umpteenth time she had seen her cell. The picture of the elephant-god lived on her wallpaper for years. She dared not to change it. It was her strength.
Her power in those days when nothing seemed to be hers. But now, she was losing it too. There were no calls all day. 

It killed her. She felt Useless. She was just like those extra letters "ueue" in the word "Queue". No value, Just an add-on to something.

As she Clicked on the shut-down button, it felt as though one more day of life was shut-down for her. One more ray of hope just ended like the sunset. 
One more disappearing act of bliss.

Midst of the contemplations, her Smart-phone just decided to vibrate itself. "Another Credit-card company, too late for an interview call !!!"

She slid her finger towards the answer button, to hear a voice say 

"Well, Last night, your resume transferred itself in a trillion data bytes and reached to my professional inbox"
"Oh, pardon me!!"
"And, Our Kundalis do match up, Would you want to take this further ?"

Chaos, Always-in-a-hurry, Miss Dis-heartened had picked up the matrimonial resume instead of her usual professional one.

A Miracle was paving its way towards her. Time again,when she could hear her own heart-beats.



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  3. Thanks Pooja, Saurabh and Sandeep :-)

  4. woo, that was so unexpected! nice way to mark a beginning at the last line :)

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